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Looking for Help with Brand Sponsorship in London?

Searching for intelligent brand sponsorship in London? We are The Brand Fans, experts in sponsorship and cause marketing. We provide first class service to brands, rights holders and not-for-profit organisations, helping them to achieve successful, long-term sponsorships. We’ve worked with a wide variety of organisations and companies, and in a number of different industries.

This includes sports, the arts, entertainment sector and the music industry. Our work has put us on a global stage, with our sponsorship campaigns reaching millions of people worldwide. If you are interested in brand sponsorship in London, please don’t hesitate to visit our website today for our services.

Who are The Brand Fans?

The Brand Fans was established in 2011 by Daragh Persse. Daragh has more than 2 decades of experience directly working alongside powerful global sponsorships. Getting brands to improve engagement and formulate long-lasting relationships is the key aim of our work. We pride ourselves on our belief and enthusiasm for creating sponsorships that change the world and deliver results for clients.

Examples of organisations that we’ve coordinated with include the UEFA Champions League, Barclays, The Economist and Vodafone. When it comes to brand sponsorship in London, whatever your requirements and needs, we can provide you with a tailored solution that meets them. Our strategies are devised based upon thorough consultation and communication with you. We believe in the importance of understanding your organisation, audience and customer base thoroughly, so that we can implement strategies that are cost-effective and successful over the long run.

Brand Sponsorship in London

When you come to us for brand sponsorship in London, you are guaranteed to receive a comprehensive solution that covers all bases. Our results and performance are unparalleled; we have consistently proven that we provide some of the very best brand sponsorship around. This is thanks to our detailed process that directly targets each stage of the sponsorship journey. Our work could involve improving the planning, negotiation and execution stages of your brand sponsorship.

Whichever area you need assistance with, our professionals can provide you with proven guidance and expertise that will achieve better results. Our methods are tried and tested; over the years we have refined our procedures, continually improving and adding value for our clients. We’ve gained increased exposure, uptake and audience engagement. You can trust us to devise and execute an impressive strategy that produces stunning results for your brand. With our Sponsorship Performance and Impact (SPi) model, you can examine your brand sponsorship campaign in detail. This model will generate clear, actionable recommendations that drive your sponsorship forward. Our objective is to use the data and evidence that we accumulate to help better your brand sponsorship going forward.

Interested in Finding out More?

Please feel free to email us today if you are interested in our Brand sponsorship in London. You can email us at and we’ll provide you with all the information you require. If you’d like to directly drop us a message, please use the form on our website. We hope to hear from you soon.

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