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  • Daragh Persse

Sponsorship Performance and Impact

We've taken a look at the overall performance for the top 5 sponsors at the Ryder Cup 🏌️‍♂️ as well as how each of those sponsors placed in terms of sentiment, but how do things look when it comes to reach and engagement? 🤔

We're pleased to reveal that the top 3 sponsors of The Ryder Cup that achieved the highest reach are:


🥉 BP

And, the top 3 sponsors that secured the most engagements through their sponsorship of The Ryder Cup are:



🥉 Aon

Congratulations to all sponsors for their fantastic performances! 👏

📸 IG: rydercupteameurope

The Brand Fans, Independent Sponsorship Intelligence - We believe in the power of sponsorship and we have the tools to prove it works:

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