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  • Daragh Persse

Sponsorship Evaluation

Some wise words once said by Oscar Wylde. 💭 By creating a successful balance ⚖️ between the qualitative brand impact and the quantitative ROI that a sponsorship has, we can evaluate exactly how effective a sponsorship is, as well as the impact that it is having. ✔️ We do this through the use of our very own Sponsorship Performance and Impact (SPi) model, using complex data and distilling it into a simple narrative to track and display sponsorship impact in real-time. 🎯 For more information about our SPi model, or to get in touch with our team, visit our website. 💻 - The Brand Fans, Independent Sponsorship Intelligence - We believe in the power of sponsorship and we have the tools to prove it works. #thebrandfans #brandfans #sponsorship #sponsorshipevaluation

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