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Have You Been Looking to Set Up a Cause Marketing Strategy?

Are you interested in setting up a cause marketing strategy? Are you unsure how it might work or if it’s the right choice for your company? Then we at The Brand Fans are here to help. We are an experienced company that has more than thirty years of experience working with some of the worlds most impactful sponsorships and brand partnerships. We are experts in working with cause marketing strategy and can offer all of our clients powerful, long-term connections. Our service is not confined to simply putting you in touch with other brands, we’re committed to creating you strategies and offering your advice that can influence your brand engagement for many years to come.

What is a cause marketing strategy?

Fundamentally cause marketing (also known as cause related marketing) is when a business supports a charitable cause or a social issue and receives marketing benefit from it. This could come in many different forms depending on the size of the business and the cause they are involved in. For example a cause marketing strategy might involve a supermarket asking you if you want to round your bill up to the nearest pound in order to donate the change to charity. This can be done on a local and national level, depending on what the particular aims of your brand are. The key behind cause marketing is you are doing good and making an actual difference to a number of people’s lives.

What are the benefits of a cause marketing strategy?

  • It gives purpose to your marketing

Cause marketing strategies offer you a chance to really make something out of your marketing, giving it a direction and purpose. It gives your brand a distinctive message that you might have never established without it. With a cause marketing strategy you can separate yourself from your competitors and offer an opportunity to converse with your target audience.

  • It improves your brand’s reputation

Fundamentally, a cause marketing strategy removes the block between a brand and the customer base, making the brand seem more approachable and trustworthy. This is a key benefit to many brands because customer loyalty is what will keep your business thriving. By supporting causes that your customers care about, a cause marketing strategy can reveal your brands social awareness. These benefits are excellent for anyone interested because your brand's reputation is unlikely to suffer from a well thought out cause marketing strategy.

Are you interested in setting up a cause marketing strategy?

If you’re interested in a cause marketing strategy, then we can help make it happen. With our extensive knowledge and understanding of the industry, The Brand Fans can facilitate exceptional connections with other brands and organisations that will really benefit you and your brand. To find out more about setting up your own brand partnership in London, you can email us on or fill out our enquiry form through our website. We look forward to working with you in the very near future.

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