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Sponsorship Agency London

Struggling to find a reliable sponsorship agency in London? Have you considered The Brand Fans? Since 2011, we have been one of the highest-rated cause marketing and sponsorship partnership channels due to our understanding to not just meet, but also exceed our client's expectations. To see how we can assist your own business, why not get in touch with our team to arrange a consultation at a suitable time and date?

By coming to a leading sponsorship agency in London, we will be able to support businesses by utilising our strategic expertise in planning, negotiation and execution of sponsorship deals. In addition to this, we have received continuous praise for our involvement within cause marketing, where we have assisted a wealth of non-profit organisations to target their intended audience. Our overall aim is to create long term powerful connections with our clients, establishing a partnership that will help businesses meet their goals and objectives.

What makes our sponsorship agency in London stand out is our adaptation of sponsorship performance and impact. By utilising this tool, our team is able to evaluate the health and commercial impact of a particular sponsorship campaign or cause marketing operation. One particular aspect that we cover includes social impact, where we will evaluate if the campaign has targeted the right audience, and how they are reacting to the sponsorship in the relation of comments, sharing and engaging with the campaign. To find out additional information about how can use SPi for your brand, be sure to watch this video when you have the chance.

In order for us to become the thriving sponsorship agency in London that we are today, we have worked hard to establish ourselves within as many networks and associations as possible. Due to our efforts, we have strong connections with Heineken, Vodafone, Virgin, the Champions League and Channel 4. We’re also a member of the European Sponsorship Association, highlighting our ability to negotiate, create and manage world-class sponsorship campaigns.

To speak to a member of staff from our sponsorship agency in London, simply give The Brand Fans a call today on +353 87 123 22 44. Our customer service team is on hand to address any questions or concerns, where they will be happy to talk you through the whole process for our services. For additional information, don’t hesitate to email us at, where we aim to reply within a single working day.

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