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Do you Desire Sponsorship Evaluation?

Do you wish to reach the upper echelons of brand engagement, but are unsure on how to go about achieving this? Are you in the market to undergo a sponsorship evaluation? Why not get in touch with us at The Brand Fans, home of the definitive model in regards to sponsorship and cause-marketing partnership evaluation? Our contact details are specified below, for your convenience. When you are considering of going into partnership with a firm in the form of a sponsorship deal, it is important to undertake surveillance to ensure that you are a strong fit for one another. When you come to The Brand Fans, you have the opportunity of obtaining, for your company, a sponsorship evaluation. Through this, you can determine the impact that a sponsorship with ‘x’ would have on you, both in terms of the relationship with your rights holders, as well as the ramifications it would have on the health of your brand. The SPi or Sponsorship Performance and Impact that we implement allows the user to optimise and evaluate their current deal, and gives a model that is capable of providing clear recommendations for how to improve, in real time. If you are still unsure as to what our service entails, we have created a helpful-and-informative video that can give you an education in Layman’s terms - this can be viewed here. Since our initial conception in 2011, we here at The Brand Fans have always been advocates for active brand engagement; we understand the importance of positive connections with sponsors, hence why we want to enable you to get the most out of your deals via sponsorship evaluations. As well as being a member of the ESA (European Sponsorship Association), we have acquired valuable experience by working with household names and brands, with Vodafone, Arsenal Football Club and Heineken but to name a few. For anyone that wishes to check our credentials further by reading through a list of those that we have collaborated with, our experience page contains all the information that you seek. We understand that not only are you in the market for a sponsorship evaluation; in the modern era, the level of customer care is valued equally to the end-result of the provided service. Therefore, when you come to The Brand Fans, not only will you get the finest sponsorship evaluation - you also have the opportunity to have your voice heard. If you would like to speak to one of our customer advisors, you can either send us an email directly at, or give us a call on +353 87 1234 22 44. You can also submit your contact details, accompanied by a brief message, via the enquiry form on our website.

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