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Cause Marketing Partnerships London

Still trying to find a reliable marketing agency that specialises in cause marketing partnerships in London? If so, look no further than the experts, The Brand Fans. As leading sponsorship and cause marketing specialists, we are connected with a wealth of rights holders, brand managers and non-profit organisations, enabling us to guarantee our clients world-class partnerships with global brands. Just a few notable companies that we have worked with previously include Heineken, Formula 1, Vodafone and Channel 4.

One of the reasons why we are particularly favoured by leading brands is because of our ability to professionally evaluate existing cause marketing partnerships in London. Using our very own sponsorship performance and impact evaluation model, we examine both the health and commercial impact of cause marketing for brands and right holders. During this examination, we will be able to take a look at the impact in real time, enabling us to give clear recommendations that will further increase the impact, value, score and social implications of the campaign.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the use of cause marketing partnerships in London within the sporting industry, though fortunately for clients, we have a strong connection with several leading sports brands. Just a few worth noting include Arsenal FC, Manchester United FC and The Champions League. One of our previous sponsor experiences was based solely around Arsenal, where we released a video entitled Living 120 with Arsenal, which can be found here to watch anytime.

Since our establishment, we have gained a glowing reputation due to our first-class customer service that exceeds our customer’s expectations. This is because we aim to create long term connections with not just our associate companies, but also with our clients so that we are able to work closely together to develop cause marketing partnerships in London that are effective and long-lasting. Throughout this time working together, we will continuously provide updates and reports on the progress, as well as hosting consultations to discuss additional recommendations that could be implemented

To find out more about our cause marketing partnerships in London, be sure to give a member of The Brand Fans a call today on +353 78 123 22 44. Our customer service team will be more than happy confer about your current campaign, as well as arrange a consultation with our experts for further discussion. Alternatively, we are also available to email at, where you can expect a reply within a single working day.

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