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Brand Partnerships Ireland

Are you searching for a company that specialises in brand partnerships in Ireland? Welcome to The Brand Fans. We were established back in 2011 and have since helped hundreds of businesses with their brand partnerships. Whatever your sponsorship and partnership needs may be we are sure that we can assist you.

Here at The Brand Fans, every member of our team is passionate about brand engagement and we believe in the power of sponsorship and cause marketing to create long-term powerful connections. We offer professional, channel-neutral, strategic expertise in the planning, negotiation and execution of sponsorships and brand partnerships in Ireland. We also have an evaluation process that determines the predicted impact, values and actions of the campaign, making the project clear and the progress easy to track.

Brand partnerships are becoming a more popular marketing technique which is used to transfer the success of one brand to the partnered brands. When planning all of your brand partnerships in Ireland we know how important it is to determine whether the purpose and goals of the co-branding will provide a mutual benefit to all partners. Before entering into brand partnerships in Ireland, we suggest that you also verify some considerations, such as whether your partners have a similar audience to your company and that they want to grow their audience. You should also consider whether the number of new leads you gain from the partnership is worth the effort you will put into the joint venture, your partner's brand has a good reputation that won't damage your company's credibility and your partners agree with the topic and theme of the joint venture.

When choosing to work with The Brand Fans it is our aim to deliver fantastic results for every business we work with no matter what their size is. We will tailor our strategy to meet all of your needs allowing us to guarantee a fantastic result for our customers. Our experienced team will be able to handle your partnership agreement and we will ensure that this agreement defines the rights, restrictions, and obligations of all parties involved in the joint venture. You can trust us to prepare this agreement carefully and word it specifically to protect our customers and define the parameters of the brand partnership.

If you would like some more advice about brand partnerships in Ireland then our team will happily assist you further. You can email us today at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will be able to provide you with all the further information you require and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to helping you with all of your potential brand partnerships in Ireland.

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